Friends — Welcome!

I’ll lead with some background on me, but I’d like this to become about you too…

I’d like to consider myself a pretty active guy fueled by passions. I’m a pianist/composer, a fitness/health fanatic, I’ve explored much of the world, and just started my own business. I’ve always valued a life, rich in experiences, but didn’t always have the courage to tune out the noise and external influence of others to live one. That said, the journey to turning inward and living a life that feels authentically me, has been a bumpy one. Quick rewind to how I got here:

After graduating from a Big Ten business school, I went on to work for my “dream company” and consulting career in Manhattan, having my Carrie Bradshaw moment dealing with some Fortune 500 brands on their customer and digital strategies. 2 years in, and the allure/prestige had begun to fade. Feelings slowly began to reveal themselves: Unmotivated, uninspired, and quite honestly…drained. Ironically, the first song I ever wrote at 8 years old was named “Superjoy” – another feeling that fell strangely absent. Why?

I was confused. On paper, I thought I was doing the right thing and should be feeling fulfilled. And yet, feelings of disillusionment kept swelling higher beneath the fancy button-ups and suit jackets that never fit quite right on me in the first place. I wasn’t living truthfully and was caught up in the dreams that others (society, family, social media) had projected onto me, that it blinded my own truth (a sad reality all too familiar as a gay guy). But I had worked so hard & long to get here…What could I do?



I was faced with a dilemma. I could continue on this risk-averse yet passion-deficient road, or I could take control of the wheel, and turn this sucker around. After much personal reflection, I made the tough decision to leave corporate America and pursue my first of many “life bucket list” goals – living abroad. I took a leap of faith (a scary one) and bought a one-way ticket to South America. I didn’t know a single person, had never been there, packed only a suitcase, my music, some workout gear, and a pathetic bit of savings (NYC sucked me dry!). I was fortunate enough to quickly find work at a remote-friendly Argentine startup and spent the next 2 years of my life learning culture, language, and international perspective. That “Superjoy” had returned. I was inspired, passionate, and ready for life. The experience opened my eyes to a more fulfilling way of living: one that feels right to me.

For ME, personally, I’ve come to realize that living my truth means a lot of things, not just exploring new parts of the world. For me, it means songwriting. It means taking care of my body and mind. It means embracing diversity. It means having curiosity to learn new languages. It means having empathy. It means having fun.

And yet, everyone has their own truth and their own passions. I really don’t want you to walk away from this story feeling that without some drastic, non-conformist life change, you are somehow living a “less authentic” life. That’s untrue. My hope is that you’ll remember that the next time you are feeling low, we have the power of choosing a life founded in our own truth, versus one projected onto us by others…whether it’s a career, passion, or an everyday presented identity. It’s about being kind to yourself, quieting the noise and influence of others, and living a life that’s unapologetically YOU.

I’m no expert, but I think I’m finally on the right track. Are you?



While I’ve always enjoyed a good adventure, traveling the world, and exploring various career opportunities, my creative and passionate instinct has remained the same. I find these things are reflected clearly across 4 core pillars: 1) Travel/Adventure, 2) Fitness, 3) Wellness and 4) Music.

Today, I’m laser-focused on growing my online community of Friends (over a half million now!) as a means of continuing to inspire a passion-oriented life. I want to leave a positive impact on society, and continue a journey rich with experiences. I’m still figuring out this life, but hey – there’s power in numbers, right?