12 Week Muscle Building Program

What Is It?

The 12 Week Muscle Building Guide is carefully designed for anyone who is looking to to get stronger and gain muscle mass.

With this tried and tested guide, I’ll hold your hand through the whole process of achieving your goals. My hope is that you’ll come out on the other side feeling even more confident in yourself. It did for me. 

Can’t wait to see your results!  **If you do choose to join the program, please share any updates on your social media for me to see / share! Insta: @Sam.Cushing

What's Included?

I’ve used my own experience, knowledge from experts, and inspiration from my favorite training courses, to carefully create this guide. In it you’ll find the following:

  • 12 weeks of intense training, using my day by day program, which has been tested over and over, providing unrivaled results.
  • 3 training phases with new workouts each week.
  • Full Workout guide protocols including warm-ups, cool-downs, active recovery, etc. 
  • Tools & Tips to maximize the program and keep you on track.

**Standard gym access required!!


Inhale Confidence. Exhale Doubt.
Every habit you build is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.
Strive for progress not perfection.

Before (college)



Mason Jackson

"Really impressed with how thorough this program is. It's not easy, but I gained 6 pounds of muscle over the course of it and feel great about myself."

Rohit Patel

"I wasn't sure if this program would be for me, as someone who hasn't worked out much in his life. Although it was a challenge, I found it quite easy to follow, was step-by-step, and had a well thought out approach"

Henry Lee

"Well worth the cost. Highly recommend. Some of the exercises were a bit tricky and I had to run a quick google image search to ensure my form was correct, but overall I saw great results in such a short period of time. Excited for another program to be released in the future (hopefully!)"