Music is the one constant amidst a pretty chaotic lifestyle and always has been. I’m a classically trained pianist playing since the age of 6,  went on to rank nationally in several composition competitions, and continue to write today (check out below!). It’s my therapy, my diary, my best friend when no one’s around, and most importantly, a way for me to truly express who I am. I’m beyond elated to share this passion with you guys, in hopes that it can have the same healing effect on you, that it has on me. What is your favorite creative outlet?


I’m so excited to share one of my biggest passions with you in the most intimate way I could imagine! I’ve created an album of piano originals (songs I wrote and produced myself) available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon! Listening to my work is FREE on all your favorite platforms! Stream it now on: iTunes, Spotify, or Amazon.


Check out some of my favorite videos I’ve uploaded on my YouTube channel about my piano/music.

Times are weird right now. For me, music is calming and helps me to reduce stress/anxiety, so I wanted to share this piece that I wrote with you by playing it live. Hoping it has a similar effect

Cool news guys! I’m published as an official co-songwriter. A piano composition of mine inspired one of my favorite bands, Hermitage Green, to take it to the finish line and help write a beautiful song. Check it out on Spotify. Song: All in All by Hermitage Green

A raw day-in-the life vlog: I wake up feeling a bit off, so I write music and head to the gym to turn it around and kickstart my day. Fitness, and piano have always been my wellness therapy, so I wanted to share them with you guys these Holidays… Hope you enjoy it.

4-29-2020:  Today’s Guests:  Musician, Digital Marketer, Instagram and YouTube Influencer Sam Cushing and Filmmaker Rachel Mason (Circus of Books)