From Chile to the Globe – Hugo

Hello! I’m Hugo and I’m from Chile, I’m 29 years old, and just like Sam, I used to work in the business sector but I wasn’t feeling really fulfilled by that. So I took the courage to quit my job last year and travel the world to discover my real passions!

I traveled through the west coast of the US and through the Canadian Rockies to improve my english and get immersed in nature, and after that I moved to France to learn the language without speaking any word of french! (Not even “bonjour” haha). I ended up working in Corse (the island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea) and then living and working in Paris. All of that a really huge dream come true for someone who has grown up in one of the most remote places in the world!

Now I’m back in my country because of the current world situation, but I won’t give up, I still have a long journey to do. I really want to create something that could be coherent with my passions, my values and my purpose: to build a better world for everyone.

Best wishes!!