Still Hitting Walls – Todd

This is A Duplicate message also sent to your Email. You Have Been A Blessing And An Extraordinary Inspiration to me since I found Your YouTube Channel. We have much in common – despite age difference ( Different Generations Can Learn Incredible Life Lessons From Each Other). Here is my Message –  I would love to be able to join in the conversation/dialogue about ‘hitting a wall’ and feeling like I’m stuck in a ‘rut’. I’m a musician/keyboardist/singer/songwriter who has had some success. Music is my #1 Passion. Music can lift me up in a way no one or nothing else can. I’m older than you and most of the people you’ve spoken to, but my feelings, doubts, insecurities and fears are still the same no matter someone’s age. Sometimes it seems to feel more intense as you enter your later years. I haven’t written music in years. I miss it. But I am proud of the love songs I have written in the past and have no regrets. I’ve done everything I could to pursue my dreams. And I Definitely Haven’t Given Up! I also struggle with Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia. My mental issues can be exhausting and at times, I just feel a lack of energy, motivation and want to shut out the world. Depression can be debilitating. I’m doing my very best to take care of myself, keep myself healthy, get up and face the world when I really don’t want to and continue to do everything I can to keep myself safe from Covid 19! Sam, I admire and respect you more than you know. You are so talented, handsome, compassionate and genuine.  I wish you only the very best of Life and Love Today And Always…I’d love to chat. Emotional Support is definitely a crucial social element on the road to healing and not feeling alone. Thank you for All you Do Sam.Sorry So lengthy, but this is my ‘hitting a wall’ story.BE WELL AND PLEASE CONTINUE TO STAY SAFE FROM A FAN AND A FRIEND – Todd 🙂  P.S. I am following you on Instagram And, Of Course, YouTubel.  Eres un hombre muy guapo, increíblemente talentoso y un amigo increíble. Gracias Sam! Adios Por Ahora Mi Buen Amigo  – Mucho Gusto Sam De Clearwater, FL – Todd <3