I Took A Risk and Moved to the States – Maicon

Hey Sam, well so I had the same dream as you of living abroad.

I’m originally from Brazil, and always wanted to go away and live in a different country, learn a new language and different cultures, but Brazil is a poor country so it’s kind difficult to do it if you are from there (unless you are rich, which wasn’t my case) so I when I was finishing high school I got 2 jobs and saved money to leave, after a few months graduated, instead of going to college (which was the ‘right’ thing to do by family and society) I got the money working like crazy and I went to Ireland to study English for a year, which was the best and the craziest thing I ever did! I ended up staying a year and I half, got to travel over 15 countries, meet so many different people and to live so unforgettable moments! After that I went back to Brazil to start college, but something inside of myself wasn’t right, I wasn’t happy there! Feels like I wasn’t born to be stuck in a place, so I came to America, started my life in New Jersey, brought my mom after and we have been living here since then! I’m 25 years old, but it feels like I’ve lived so much, and it’s priceless. Nowadays I’m so into fitness, wellness (that’s why I’m so into your page) I’m learning my 4th language and going to acting school in nyc, it’s like I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way!