New Career, New Country, New Me – Carlos

Hi Sam, I’ve been following you since a couple years, sadly, from a alternative-account since I’m not completely out of the closet because yet, not because of my family and friends cuz they know, it’s about the corporate live of the country I live (Paraguay) that is still squared-minded and at this point of my life I was preferring to live in peace rather than fighting against the sistem in the 21 century.
So, I just wanted to say that since I began to follow you I’ve been empowered by your selfness. That incredible energy that you have and transmit through your social media. I’ve been thinking about leaving my own corporate life as well (work in a Bank) and try to find my self in another country, I kinda like New Zealand. So, I might tell you anytime soon, at least I wish it would be soon, about my new starting life in another country aswell and embracing my gay self.
I hope and wish to keep seeing you for a long time and encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing because you’re doing it pretty well for me.
Wish you my best regards, and sorry the tons of grammatical errors, I’m not pretty use to speak to anyone else in English.
Xoxo, Carlos.